Environment & Quality

Vinga Seafood has a large variety of products and delivers large quantities of seafood delicacies every year. We have a strong focus on being a supplier with products that are sustainable and ethically defensible.

As a company, we are looking for improvements and opportunities that increase sustainable fishing and at the same time ensure that the environmental effects are minimally affected. The sea has enormous resources with high-quality products, but at the same time it is important to counteract overfishing and ensure that products correct way. We want to ensure that future generations also have access to the products available today of seafood.

We choose suppliers with care

When we choose which suppliers we are to work with, it is done with the above basics. We want our suppliers to have sustainable fishing methods, which are also developed over time. Have a clear environmental initiative and make use of resources that are close to the capture site. This is to minimize unnecessary shipping to refine the product. That way, the environmental impact becomes as small as possible.

Wing Seafood for the highest quality

We want to be at the forefront in terms of the environment, sustainability and product quality. The sea offers fantastic products and just around Norway and Greenland much of the commercial fishing takes place. Here are perfect conditions with Arctic cold water which gives the products a special quality and which is appreciated by chefs all over the world.

We have more than 25 years of experience in delivering products to wholesalers and restaurants. Our wide range and high quality means that the products maintain the highest quality once they come to the table to be enjoyed. Today we offer both frozen and chilled products and the product range is under constant development together with our customers.

Environment and sustainable fishing

Many of our products have certifications which stand for sustainable and environmentally friendly fishing. The focus here is on the stocks being large enough and having the right conditions for reproduction.

The marine environment is included in the assessment and how fishing in areas affects development. Also how the fishing itself goes and that it follows the rules that are set.

The goal is to constantly broaden our opportunities to increase the range of certified products. When we examine new products, the basis for decision-making is the certification. With the right focus and environmentally friendly and sustainable fishing, you will be able to eat seafood delicacies to the highest quality when you collaborate with Vinga Seafood.

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