Vinga Seafood has a long history in fishing and the company is today run as a development of several generations of work in the fishing industry. Vinga Seafood manages a long history and members of the family are still active in fishing today.

The long experience in fishing and the roles of the leading people in the company means that you have a solid knowledge, not only to deliver fish but knowledge of fish, quality and handling.

Mattias, who today runs the company, has a family behind him for generations who fished for their bread. This has been going on since the beginning of the 20th century and it is difficult for us today to understand how fishing went at that time. In the beginning, nets were used and then boats for trawling and purse seines.

Risky fishing

During World War II, there were great risks in fishing, but families had to be supported. In 1944, what was not allowed to happen happened. Mattias grandfather Stig went with the fishing boat on a German mine during the fishing and all nine people on the fishing boat died. The fishing then continued through Mattias’ father.

Generational change

Mattias started selling mackerel and crab outside the grocery stores on the west coast at the age of nine, so his business acumen started early. During the summer holidays from school, Mattias fished in the North Sea when they caught herring and mackerel, this happened from the age of 13 and up. At the age of 19, he enlisted again as a fisherman.

Broad experience

In 1993, Mattias took the step to Gothenburg’s fishing port and worked as a fillet cutter, packer and buyer for the fishing auctions. A great experience to have with you in terms of quality and handling.

A company in the restaurant wholesale area was founded together with a few other people and there Mattias worked with purchasing and sales for ten years. Several companies were interested in Mattia’s experience and he started in 2007 with a fish importer where Mattia’s responsibility became the Finnish market.

In 2009, it was time again to change employers to another company in the fishing business, and even there the focus was on sales and purchasing.

In 2014, Mattias started the company Seafrozen together with a Norwegian partner and this company then changed its name to Vinga Seafood.

Knowledge and knowledge

When you collaborate with Vinga Seafood, both knowledge and expertise are important components. We want you to be a satisfied customer and at the same time feel that we have the competence, the experience that contributes to delivering high-quality products to you.

With a long history and a business leader who has been in all stages of the fishing industry, Vinga Seafood is an obvious choice.

We welcome you as a customer!

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